The CIDA Project Monitor Mr. Francois Dagenais and The Regional Coordinator, Dr. Jean Moreira visited Cameroon between the 25th and 26th of October 2013 to get first hand information on the realizations of the project outputs in Cameroon. During the visit, Mr Francois Dagenais met with the CIDA project team in Cameroon made up of researchers, students and private sector partners (see picture below- CIDA Monitor, Mr Francois Dagenais and CIDA project Coordinator, Dr Jean Moreira visit to Cameroon and pose with the rice postharvest research team). He inspected some of the equipment bought and/or produced with funds from the CIDA project. These included office equipment (computers, projector, printer, camera etc...), laboratory equipment (De-husker, polisher, grain quality kits, etc...) and field equipment (parboilers, briquetting machines and a thresher). He was also presented some of the products developed under the CIDA project like the packaged biscuits and parboiled rice, briquettes and mushroom grown using rice by-products as substrate. In all, the monitor said, “The results from Cameroon are excellent”. He also stressed the need for timely reporting, as CIDA will not always come on the ground to see the results being produced.