University of Bremen Germany, University of Tubingen Germany, University of Bamenda, Cameroon

Grants received by TOZARD staff concerning TOZ diseases

  • DFG German grant: Can onchocerciasis be eliminated? Epidemiological, entomological and parasitological studies ina bovine model in Cameroon in partnership with two German Universities Co-investigator.
  • Assessment of emerging livestock ticks and tick-borne disease threats and integrated control strategies in West and Central Africa (WECATiC) CORAF-CSIRO /Australian Government funded 2011. National Project Head/co-investigator.
  • DFG German grant on ˜Analysis of host-parasite cross-talk in the bovine model for human onchocerciasis, O. ochengi.™ In partnership with four German Universities and MPI T¼bingen. Co investigator
  • CIRAD-EMVT DESI grant To study genetic Markers of trypanotolerance 2008 in Doayo cattle from June to August 2008 in Montpellier France. Principal investigator
  • Leverhulme Trust Research Grant- on tsetse and trypanosomosis pilot studies in the Adamawa Province Cameroon. Funded by Leverhulme Trust tsetse Research Network (LTTRN). Principal investigator.
  • IFS Competitive Research grant holder No.B/2900-2-2005 for studies on Identification of molecular markers of genetic susceptibility to trypanosomosis in Doayo cattle.-principal investigator.
  • IFS Competitive Research grant holder No.B/2900-1 for studies on are the Namchi cattle trypanotolerant under field natural trypanosomosis vector challenge? - Principal investigator.
  • CIRAD-EMVT DESI Montpellier France grant to study genetic Markers of trypanotolerance 2001 in Doayo (Namchi) cattle- principal investigator.
  • WHO 1996 capacity strengthening research grant Number 960365/ to complete Ph.D studies in the United Kingdom on zooprohylaxis & immunological features of Onchocerciasis.