TOZARD operates a Research laboratory facility in its head quarters where concepts and prototype solutions are designed by a team of experts and tested for eventual use in disease endemic communities. The laboratory is also equipped with electronic infrastructure that enables our members to communicate and track the performance of development trends for community adopted TOZ disease control on the ground.
As one of the nations humanitarian research associations in disease control, TOZARD seeks to establish a platform for sustainable community transformation: taking state of state of-the-art knowledge on the fight against TOZ diseases to the communities that are endemic for these diseases. TOZARD engages the rural underprivileged communities (through knowledge transfer workshops, field demonstrations and research) and constantly strives to enable them to achieve self reliance in the fight against TOZ diseases. This approach is intended to enhance the inherent capacity of the community by training people, providing opportunities for hands-on skill development and thus nurturing community leadership in adopting innovative TOZ disease control strategies.


Laboratory and epidemiological surveys

We gather useful scientific knowledge, undertake research on the TOZ diseases and use on an innovation platform in rural communities to empower them on control strategies for disease burden reduction.



One PCR Machine, 04 different centrifuges, Four compound microscopes, One Florescent microscope, O2 GPS machines, One PAGE electrophoresis machine and power unit, one Water bath, one ELISA machine, one pH meter, One stereo microscope, one refrigerator; Solar energy installed, Hot plate rotor, vortex machine, and laboratory consumables etc. TOZARD will soon acquire a four wheel-drive car for its field operations.