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  • Market opportunities

    The Government of Italy annually finances this programme as part of its support to the CGIAR Centres. The budget indicated refers to 2007. The programme aims at figthing poverty and hunger, improving living conditions and protecting the environmental through sustainable animal production.

  • VLIR-IUC Partnership with Jimma University (JU), Ethiopia

    The general theme of the co-operation is the impact on health and environment of the newly built Gilgel Gibe hydroelectric dam. The partnership consists of several subprojects: •Forestry Environment conservation, especially related to the forest surrounding the tributaries of the Gilgel Gibe, is extremely important in order to avoid soil erosion followed by silt deposits from the rivers into the dam. •Environmental impact on tributaries of Gilgel Gibe: People living in the neighbourhood of the tributaries of Gilgel Gibe dam deposit a lot of chemical and biological waste in the river (e.g. coffee waste), with as a result a decline of biodiversity and natural resources and an accumulation of these materials in the dam. Different measures (e.g. filters) to prevent this will be studied. • Development of MSc program “Environmental Science and Technology”. The proposed research programme is complementary to the already existing IUC at Mekele University. Local Coordinator: Dr. Worku Legesse (JU); Belgian Cooidinator: Prof. L. Duchateau (UGent)

  • Working together for market access: strengthening rural producer organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa

    The goal of the project is to improve the lives of smallholder farmers by strengthening the ability of RPOs in Senegal, Uganda and Zambia to improve their members‘ access to input and output markets. It will do this by identifying specific interventions that can improve the capacity of RPO members to better access and benefit from input and output markets.

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