Welcome to the FARA space on eRAILS

This space facilitates quick and easy communication by FARA's Partners and its Secretariat about their ongoing activities or news/updates. It's an open system that allows any partner to create their own space whenever they have information or ideas to share, especially those that are relevant to African agriculture science and development.

Do visit FARA Secretariat official website at www.fara-africa.org.


FARA Secretariat



- Conference on learning and innovation platforms in sharing and disseminating knowledge and technologies in Africa

- The Kigali Movement on Strengthening Capacity for Agricultural Innovation  in Post-conflict and Protracted Crisis Countries

- Research-Medias Training (Anglophone)

- Research-Medias Training (Francophone)

- Consultations: Brussels consultation on Pillar IV

 - Retreat: SRO/FARA retreat 2012

- 2nd Annual Dialogue of Ministers of Agriculture, Science & Technology- 2012

- AFAPP Workshop 2012


- Agricultural information needs assessment


- Climate learning

- eRAILS Phase 2