Announcing the final report on Climate Learning in African Agriculture

The Climate Learning for African agriculture project is a partnership between AFAAS, FARA and the NRI. The project involves action research and aims to support a shared learning process with agricultural research and advisory service (ARAS) stakeholders across Africa on responding to climate change and the implications for policies, practices and roles.   
  The project aims to engage with the diverse bodies that provide these services (e.g. public, private and third sector organizations) and the actors in the wider enabling environment that forms the agricultural innovation system (e.g. regulators, policy-makers).  
Climate change is emerging as a major issue for those providing ARAS. Climate knowledge and information is fast evolving, growing in quantity, but is also complex and involves many uncertainties. In this context we therefore will have a particular focus on knowledge management. 
This project is funded by Climate Development Knowledge Network (CDKN), which focuses on climate-compatible development principles.