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eRAILS Users review

Gathering comments and opinions about the eRAILS platform


Welcome and thank you for taking time to share

your opinion/comments/suggestions


This is intended for eRAILS users who is managing an account or who has used eRAILS to look for information. The purpose is to gain feed-back for the continuous improvement of the eRAILS platform.

A. Click trough the different menu points to view the different pages of the system and read the guiding questions.
B. On each page you will find a comment button. Use the Comment Function on the various pages to send us your suggestions.
C. On top of each page you will find a reference number: Begin in your response with the reference number as  shown below.


D. In case your connectivity is poor, you may also download the survey and do it off-line and send us your comments by email.

The assessment is divided into several topics, you can choose the topics that most interest you. The topics relates to the functionalities available in eRAILS. Each topic is designated a reference number (RN).


Menu points 1. Providing the right information and 2. eRAILS Homepage concern all users of eRAILS.


Menu point 3. Account holders backend concerns only those who use eRails for publication on the web.


Menu point 4 Country administrators backend concerns only the persons who manage the accounts at the national level and the country page.


Menu point 5. System administrator backend concerns only the NFS2 team at the FARA secretariat.

Many thanks in advance for your contribution!

Next Steps

21 Dec 2010   
Launch of survey
08 Jan 2011 – 13 Jan 2011 Evaluate feedback and formulation of recommendations for the further improvement of your platform.
13 Jan 2011 Share list of recommendations with those who participated in the survey and ask them to define priorities.
18 Jan 2011 - 19 Jan 2011 Evaluate responses, review the list recommendations and set priorities
20 Jan 2011 Share results
25 Jan 2011      Present results and make a final decision on the changes that will be made.