The Shared DataBase project


The SDB is a facility for storing and sharing numerical data that was gathered in Africa. It allows for decentralized management of data according to international standards. The SDB is a component of the African Agricultural Information Systems Platform (AAISP).


It is expected that the SDB will:


  • Strengthen African ownership of numerical data by providing a facitlity for storing and sharing.
  • Improve the cost benefit ratio and quality of research by facilitating the reuse of costly gathered data.
  • Prevent the loss of data by offering a simple and low cost backup solution for a wide range of data.
  • Add value to gathered data by detailed description of its origin according ot international standards.
  • Lower the cost for decentralized data management and pooling of data by providing an easy to use interface for online data data maagement a simple export import feature for working off line.
  • Drastically lower the cost for data acquisition. Registered user may download data or use the Application Programming Interface (API) that allows for automated retrieval of data by remote systems for further processing. This will lower the cost for the development of thematic information systems and add to the quality of the derived information products since results are automaticaly updated when new data is added to the SDB by third parties.