Objectives and Outputs of the Consultation

The overall objective Consultation will be to continue the process of strengthening the regional network of information and communication professionals in key national and regional organizations committed to improving the sharing of information and knowledge.

The specific objectives of the Consultation will be firstly to equip participants with the awareness and skills to advocate effectively for their organizations to make more their information and knowledge more publicly accessible, and secondly to contribute to regional and global policy discussions on mobilizing knowledge in support of agricultural innovation.

The outputs will be:

  1. Renewed shared awareness of the key goals and challenges that face national organizations in making knowledge truly accessible
  2. Increased awareness and skills of the approaches to advocacy for policy and organizational change at national level.
  3. Strengthened engagement in RAILS and CIARD at national level, in terms of using their resources and contributing to them.
  4. Recommendations for policy changes in NARS to be taken forward at regional and global level.

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