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  • Account: CADRF


      Though orphan crops could contribute much toward the attainment of household food security in Ghana and help alleviate malnutrition yet these crops continue to receive not much attention as needed. This page highlights the nutritional significance of selected orphan crops in Ghana and the need for immediate scientific attention to these crops

  • Account: KMS in RAILS-LT

    • KMS

      To efficiently interact with the members of NARS in order to produce and deliver information services to stakeholders in the agricultural sector for improved decision making

  • Account: THE FARM

    • farmhouse

      Farmhouse is a 1st generation farm located in Ghana fertile land. for decades we have been planing to grow and harvest premium,fresh produce. Our products,crafted from the finest fruits, vegetables,growing healthy animals and other 100% natural ingredients, are a nutritious expression of our continued commitment to reponsible farming and natural health in meat and our other products.