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  • Cassava as an industrial commodity - improving access to knowledge on approaches and options for expanding markets for cassava

    Objectives: New knowledge is generated and promoted into how national innovation systems can be mobilised to sustain uptake and adoption of CPH knowledge for the benefit of the poor. Background: Research in Ghana has shown that conversion of cassava into products for the food, plywood, paperboard, textile and pharmaceutical industries contributes significantly to rural livelihoods. Innovative public-private sector partnerships were used to establish a market chain from producer to end-user, and an institutional framework to support market development and manage uptake of knowledge. This project supports integration of these concepts into the national system so as to ensure sustainable support for market development, and to influence institutional thinking on future agro-industrial initiatives. In addition, these concepts will be introduced in Zambia where cassava is considered a national priority.

  • Challenge Programme - Improving Livelihoods and Natural Resource Management in Sub-Saharan Africa: Securing the future for Africa's children

    The Government of Italy annually finances this programme as part of its support to the CGIAR Centres. The budget indicated is for 2007. The programme aims at strengthening impact of agricultural research in Sub-Saharan Africa in order to improve living conditions, ensure food security and sustainable natural resources management. It is characterized for an high innovative ARD approach.

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