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  • Farmer Field Schools in the Small Ruminant Research Project

    Farmer Field Schools allow the farmer to take up his role as primary reseracher in the study of trypanotolerant small ruminants.


    The Project is intended to boost rainfed rice production so as to alleviate poverty, guarantee food security or sustainability, and improve the welfare of the farmers.

  • Small Ruminant Research Project

    The Small Ruminant Research Project at ITC started in 1993 with funding obtained from the Belgian Government, DGDC. Sheep and goats are very important livestock species, particularly for the poorer rural communities yet, in the mid 1970s it had been noted that livestock research in Africa had predominantly focussed on cattle and little was known about small ruminants. This was particularly the case for West African breeds, some of which were reputed to be trypanotolerant. A major objective of the first phase of the Small Ruminant Project was therefore to characterise the trypanotolerant trait in Djallonké sheep and West African Dwarf goats in comparison to Sahelian (trypanosusceptible) breeds. In addition, the epidemiology of helminth infections and interactions of these parasitic infections with nutrition and reproductive success have been studied. Much of that research work has now been completed and the project is now concentrating on transferring the knowledge obtained to farmers for improved productivity leading to higher household incomes.

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