Munguga North centre history and background
Research on animal diseases in East Africa started in 1938 when a Central Veterinary Research Institute was established at Kabete. Before then, from about 1903 research was done privately. In 1949, it was decided to move all the research aspects dealing with the greater East Africa to a new site at Muguga. The Centre was completed in 1954 and named the East African Veterinary Research Organisation (EAVRO) under the auspices of the East African Common Services Organisation which later became the East African Community (EAC). When the E AC collapsed in 1977, the Centre was absorbed into the Ministry of Agriculture and renamed the Veterinary Research Department (VRD). The Science and Technology (Amendment) Act CAP 250 of 1979 established the semi-autonomous Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) which essentially amalgamated VRD and the former East African Agricultural and Forestry Research Organisation (EAAFRO). Subsequently the institute was reorganised in 1986 to incorporate all research centres dealing with agricultural and livestock research in the then ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development. The centre’s name changed to National Veterinary Research Centre (NVRC). Currently it is known as the Veterinary Research Centre, KARI Muguga North.
Its activities fit into KARI’s mission to contribute to increased productivity, commercialisation and competitiveness of the agricultural sector through generation and promotion of knowledge, information and technologies that are a response to clients’ demands.