This website is a guide on the what, how and when of the RAILS team operation in Liberia and the sub region. The information are based on various consultations conducted by RAILS at the continental, sub regional and national levels. It gives broad elements of the responsibilities required that could be adopted based on the existing environment where the RAILS team operates. It suggests steps on how the RAILS team can be established through the use of various tools and available resources that the FARA Secretariat can provide through its core funding and AfDB project support.


 Identifying content to feature in agricultural information services is a major challenge faced by all members of the RAILS team – a challenge particular to information intermediaries. Unlike traditional research communicators, such as higher education and research institutions, the RAILS taskforce, the RAILS regional learning teams and the RAILS national learning teams are not located at the source of the content but are trying to present a variety of research and development resources beyond institutional or individual levels.

Being an information intermediary (info-mediary), the RAILS learning team has to be constantly aware of new information as well as ongoing and relevant initiatives or success. Finding reliable source of information will be critical but cannot be done individually. Hence the need to have strong network and support from the relevant institutions. This is more challenging as most of African resources are not always digitalized.

In the field of Agriculture and Agricultural Research for Development in particular, information systems face the reality that decision makers do not use the evidence available when making decision. Inorder to address the problem, RAILS/FARA aims to improve access to evidence and encourage the use of evidence to change the way in which the target audiences inform themselves about the decisions they make.

In this light, the Central Agricultural Research Institute (CARI)  as the implementing Institition for the PSTAD: RAILS/DONATA project in Liberia invites you to join an African Agricultural Information Dissemination Initiative. The initiative in Liberia is headed by Dr. Victor H. Sumo as the focal person desidnated by the Director General of CARI. We will be involved with organizing a national learning team, training users for the eRAILS and web2.0 tools . We encourage you to publish your information, discuss the issues, be a part of the global debate on Agriculture and connect with other research institutions using Liberia eRAILS portal.