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  • Account: MERWE

    • Agriculture Developm

      Merowe Dam Agriculture Development Corporation (ADC) was established by the Presidential Resolution 70/2007. The corporation was founded to support the development of agriculture in the areas of the projects associated with Merowe Dam in North and River Nile states in particular and in all over Sudan in general.

    • Merowe Dam

      This WEB SIT GIV

  • Account: IPMRT Center

    • Elkhidir Elyass

      this website provide information about activities which done by Elkhidir Elyass such as Training, Research, Visits ect...

    • Farmer Field Schools

      THis website provide information about the FFS activities in Sudan

    • IPM Center

      This website contains information about IPM Center activities in Sudan such as ongoing Research, Training Activities which held in IPM Center, FFS activities, Publication News, IPM Center Staff News

    • Partner

      this website is give you link to related website worldwide

    • Training activities

      This website providing News of Training activities held in IPM Center and that organized by IPM Staff outside the Center and ongoing activities regarding training on IPM and FFS concepts

  • Account: MoAI-ICID

    • MoAI ICID

      Ministry of Agriculture & Irrigation International Cooperation & Investment Directorate

    • Sudan-NAIP

      Information about the formulation of the National Agriculture Investment Plan for the Republic of the Sudan

  • Account: ARC- Sudan

    • ARC

      Information about Agricultural Research Corporation (ARC)

    • Herbarium

      Website contain informatoins on weeds speciemens collections and distribution

  • Account: ARC

    • IT Mangaer

      Agricultural Library specialized library with distinct data privacy and the ways and methods of processors services and technologies used in these areas.It is part of the information network Aetjza specialized in the field of agriculture both plant and animal.

  • Account: Nashwa DIC

    • University of Kharto

      The University of Khartoum Library Friends The University of Khartoum Library Friends Library is a registered charity made up of sincere & genuine supporters Great brains always gather at the University of Khartoum Library. Throughout history, the library friends have been instrumental in fostering and promoting the university scientific achievements through their generosity and foresight. The Library friends by continue this fine tradition had supported a number of inspiring and creative endeavors and had enabled countless scholars and researchers to fulfill their goals. Become a Friend By joining our Library friends you will help us keeping our valuable and rare collections relevant, available, and accessible to generations of scholars and enthusiasts and that is our core objective. Joining the Library friends, you will help the Library to acquire new collections, equipments and facilities to support the Library objectives and activities. Be a Member You will enjoy privileged and unparalleled access to the Sudan greatest library Behind the scenes visits, private views of our outstanding exhibitions, and enlightening talks A 10% discount at the Library bookshop Invitations to a special events programme including visits, lectures and other events Events bulletin and regular newsletters

  • Account: NCR-DIC programs

    • NRCR

      Publishes information on Ongoing researches in Sudan and executing centres, researchers and funding organization

    • SSA

      Biannual Jourual publish biblographical information on Scientific and Technological Information

  • Account: NIC

    • ICT4Agro

      ICT Role in desminating agricultrual information in Sudan through the implementation of ICT National Strategy

  • Account: Nimat Elbasher Hamad

    • Organic fertilizer

      Organic fertilizers such as farmyard, chicken manures and green manures, waste water and natural industrial waste are of a high importance due to their supplement to plant nutrient and to sustainable agricultural land by providing soil organic matter, sequent production of food of high quality.

  • Account: RAILS Sudan

    • El Obeid Training

      To Highlight eRAILS Training workshop held at El obeid at Kordofan State

    • KMS - Sudan

      The propose of this website is to provide information about the development of KMS in the Sudan

    • SNAIN

      Information about Sudan National Agricultural Information Network


      Information about activities and projects of SNAIN under ASARECA/FARA/RAILS

  • Account: SAS

    • Agriculture Library

      share information between PhD holder and farmers in the field .Also to have alarge data base of books which can be distribute large number of people interest

  • Account: U of G

    • UG

      A public institution affliated to the Ministry of Higher Education.Located in Wad Medani