Horticulture research sub programme is one of programmes in the Ministry of Agriculture under the Directorate of Research and Development, which has the mandate of conducting research on three groups of horticultural crops namely fruits, vegetables and spices. The programme seeks to develop and promote improved high yielding varieties tolerant to diseases and pests and adapted to different ecological conditions



  • Introduce , evaluate and disseminate improved varieties to farmers and other stake holders
  • Test and evaluate different options for pests and disease control
  • Impart knowledge, technologies and propagation skills to farmers through farmers training


Major areas of research

To develop/introduce high yielding varieties of high value vegetables ( Tomato, Onions, Cabbage )

To develop/introduce high yielding varieties of high value fruits ( Avocado, Peaches) Mango, Apple

To develop and address agronomic practices of fruits vegetables and spices

To Identify insect pests and diseases  and develop control measures

To multiply and disseminate improved varieties of fruits (avocado, peaches) and develop seedlings multiplication techniques

Establishment of Banana germplasm, introduction and evaluation of improved banana varieties and development of agronomic packages

Introduction and evaluation of high value spices in the SH ( Cinnamon, Garlic, Ginger)


Staff in the programme


1.      Esther E. Meela  -Bsc Agric.– Progamme leader  

2.      Daudi Mbongo- Bsc. Agric- Msc .  Entomologist Student)

3.      Rose S. Sanga   -Agr. Field Officer  ( Diploma in Agriculture)

4.      Ismael  Idris Sawa- Agric Field Officer ( Diploma in Horticulture ( Bsc Agric.. Student)