Roots and Tubers research sub program is one of programs in the Institute which has the mandate of conducting research on cassava, sweet potato and round potato. This program seeks to develop improved varieties tolerant to diseases and pests and high yielding varieties.


  1. Multiplication and dissemination of improved varieties to farmers.
  2. Gerurplasim collection maintenance and screening of pest and disease tolerant genotypes.
  3. demonstrating  cassava, sweet potato, and round potato processing technologies  to extension staffs, farmers and private sectors
  4. Breeding of high yielding varieties pest and disease tolerant varieties of sweet cassava and yams.



Major areas of Research in the program

1.     To develop high yielding varieties.( Round potato, Cassava, and Sweet potato)

2.     To identify insects and diseases of cassava, Sweet potato, and Round potato in southern Highlands zone

3.     To  develop/address  Agronomy practices of cassava, Sweet potato, and Round potato

4.     To multiply and disseminate improved varieties and techniques developed.

5.     To establish good system of seed potato production using aeroponics and Tissue culture technology


Staffs in the Program

The staffs in the Roots and Tuber crops in the Southern Highlands zone constitutes of the following.


1.     Mr.  Owekisha Hermas Kwigizile    -      Program Lead Scientist (Msc Student under research).

2.     Mrs. Dorah Mende                       -     Agricultural Research Officer (PhD student Rural Development)

3.     Mr.  Geofrey Jonas Mwakihaba    -       Agricultural Field Officer (Diploma in Agriculture)

4.     Mrs. Alatwisila Christopher Sakalani -   Agricultural Research Officer( Diploma in Agariculture)

5.     Mrs. Margareth Joseph Kitigwa    -       Agricultural Research Officer( Diploma in Agariculture)

6.     Mr. Emmanuel Haule                  -       Laboratory Technician

7.     Dr. Betty Gondwe                       -       PhD (Pathology)    (Retied staff working under contract)