The Government Communication (GC) unit has the responsibility of facilitating the Ministry to communicate effectively with stakeholders on policies, strategies, services, and achievements in agricultural development in the country.

In ensuring coherence and effectiveness, the IEC unit collaborates with Ministry’s departments, sections and its affiliated institutions in the identification of messages and appropriate channels of delivery to the target audience.


Generally, the unit produces and disseminates documents such as papers, brochures, articles and newsletters to inform the public on policies, programs, activities and reforms undertaken by the Ministry; coordinate press briefings for the Ministry; promote ministerial activities, programs, and policies. It also updates sectoral and ministerial information in the website and advice divisions, units, extra ministerial and non-commercial public institutions on effective communication to stakeholders and the public.


Major Achievements

  • Coordinated promoted and publicised the ministry’s policies, strategies, services, and achievements through print and electronic media.
  • Organized communication campaigns and coordinated media coverage during important events of the Ministry and on official up country trips of Ministerial leaders.
  • Prepared promotional and publicity materials of the Ministry which included

-       A general ministerial leaflet ( English version)


-       One billboard for the ministry (Swahili version)


-       Two posters reflecting the ministry’s vision, mission and mandate (Swahili and English versions)


  • Promoted and publicized ministry activities during important events such as farmers’ shows, World Food day, Public service week and Cooperatives day. In the period the unit facilitated preparation of nine press releases, 18 TV programs, two live radio and three TV programs on farmers show.
  • Organized three press conferences.
  • Facilitated training of five IEC unit staff on journalism, mass communication, and office management.
  • Conducted, prepared and distributed 236 issues of Daily Media Monitoring Reports on agricultural issues reported in the media.
  • Strengthened Ministry’s internal communication through 46 issues of a weekly published and distributed Kilimo Internal Flash News.
  • Acquired communication facilities including one video camera, one computer, printer and accessories. Also the unit procured office stationeries and consumables.
  • One staff joined the unit thus improving the performance of the planned activities of the unit.