EAAPP-RRCoE Implementing and Collaborating Institutions

EAAPP-RRCoE Implementing Institutions

  • Division of Research and Development (DRD), MAFC: KATRIN (breeding & agronomy), ARI-Uyole (mechanization), ARI-Mikocheni (biotechnology & post-harvest aspects), ARI-Dakawa (IPM), ARI-Ukiriguru (soil & water).
  • Division of Crop Development, Extension Services (training and dissemination).
  • Agricultural Seed Agency (ASA).
  • Tanzania Official Seed Certification Institute (TOSCI).
  • Directorate of Livestock Research, Training and Extension (DRTE), MLFD: LRC-Uyole, LRC-Tanga, PRC-Kongwa, CVL. 


 EAAPP-RRCoE Collaborating Institutions 

  • Local Government Authorities.
  • Universities (e.g. SUA and UDSM).
  • Consultative Group on International Research’s centers, especially the AfricaRice, the  International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) and the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA).
  • Key participating institutions of partner countries in the Region include the Regional Dairy Centre of Excellence, RDCoE (Naivasha-Kenya), the Regional Cassava Centre of Excellence, RCCoE (Namlonge-Uganda) and the Regional Wheat Centre of Excellence, RWCoE (Kulumsa-Ethiopia) via ARI-Kibaha and ARI-Naliendele (cassava); ARI-Uyole (wheat); LRC-Uyole, LRC-Tanga, PRC-Kongwa, CVL, LITI-Buhuri, NAIC-Arusha (Dairy).
  • Agricultural Research Institute, Kizimbani-Zanzibar (agronomy)