Since the implementation of the EAAPP-RRCoE started in March 2010, the Program has produced the following publications (click links to download the documents):


1.    RRCoE Baseline Survey Report 

2.    Analysis of Rice Stakeholders 

3.    RRCoE Communications Strategy 

4.    Inventory of Rice Technologies 

5.    Inventory of Cassava Technologies 

6.    Inventory of Wheat Technologies 

7.    EAAPP-RRCoE Mid-Term Review ReportMarch 2010-Ocrober 2012 

8.    EAAPP-TZ Implementation Progress Report:  Tracking Project      

       Achievements: January-July 2014 

9.    Report: Training on Rice Processing for Rice Farmer and Processor  


10.  Report: Consultative Workshop for the Training and Dissemination  


11. Rice GAP Training Manual (in Swahili)

12. Rice Processing Training Manual (in Swahili)

13. Wheat GAP Training Manual (in Swahili)

14. Wheat Processing Training Manual (in Swahili)

15. Documented EAAPP-RRCoE Success Stories  

a.   Rice

b.  Dairy

c.   Cassava

d.  Wheat

16.  KATRIN-RRCoE Bulletin, November 2012

17.  Rice Scientific Conference: Book of Abstracts, July 2014