Regional Rice Centre of Excellence

Tanzania hosts the Regional Rice Centre of Excellence (RRCoE) at the Agricultural Research Institute (ARI)-KATRIN, in Ifakara-Kilombero, Morogoro Region. The RRCoE is operationalized in a network model involving, inter alia, some institutions under the Division of Research and Development (DRD) of the Ministry of Agriculture Food Security and Cooperatives (MAFC). Apart from ARI-KATRIN, these include ARI-Dakawa (responsible for integrated pest management, IPM), ARI-Mikocheni (biotechnology and post-harvest aspects), ARI-Ukiriguru (soils and water), ARI-Uyole (agricultural mechanization) and Kizimbani-Zanzibar (agronomy). The network takes leading role in rice technology generation, dissemination and training on a regional basis. At the same time, it facilitates collaboration of relevant research and development institutions in Tanzania and with other RCoEs on wheat, cassava and dairy research -- focusing on agreed specific regional thematic priority areas. Other key participating institutions are listed under the EAAPP-RRCoE Implementing and Collaborating Institutions Section.  



The overall goal of RRCoE is to enhance sustainable productivity, value added and competitiveness in the sub-regional agricultural system.



The main objectives of RRCoE are to:

  •   enhance regional specialization and collaboration in rice research.
  • carry out training and technology dissemination.
  • facilitate increased transfer of rice technology, information and knowledge across four countries.

Screening F1&F2 plants for biotic and abiotic stress reactions at KATRIN

(source: N.J.Kibanda)