The programme promotes the sustainable management and use of agricultural natural resource through research, technology development, technology transfer and scientific services and eventually to increase the productive efficiency of agro-ecosystems.  The programme has three sub-programmes which include Soil and Water management, Agroforestry and Agricultural engineering.

 Soil and water management is coordinated at ARI Mlingano and focuses mainly on:

  •  Identification, characterization and mapping of the country resources at a scale that is used for planning at farm, district, regional and national levels.


  • Conduct research on various aspects of soil and identify production systems that optimize the use of the available moisture and minimize land degradation.


  • Develop plant nutrition recommendations packages specific to selected soils, agro climatic and social circumstances.


  • Maintain and improve analytical service for soils, water and plant samples for various purposes such as land evaluation, soil fertility appraisals as well as water management studies.

Agro-forestry research sub programme is coordinated at ARI-Tumbi and focuses mainly on screening and evaluating multipurpose trees for improving soil fertility, production of fodder for livestock and fuel wood and domestication of indigenous fruit trees.

Agricultural engineering sub-programme is mainly undertaken at ARI-Uyole and deals with improving the labour productivity in crop/livestock production systems by developing labour saving technologies which also reduce human drudgery.

The Special programme research activities are undertaken at various research stations and the status of the stations/institutes in terms of Research activities, available staff and staff requirement, transport and other resources are presented below