1. Institute introductory and mandate area

Livestock Research and Development activities in Sukuma land started in the late 1948’s based at Malya Livestock Centre, in Mwanza region. The major activities were improvement of indigenous cattle and goat breeds through selection, rangelands and grazing studies. Also in small scale improved exotic cattle breeds were used for crossbreeding to indigenous cattle with the aim upgrading its genetic potential, however this attempts were eventually interrupted. The success story was the development of dual purpose goats with genetic potential characteristics suitable for semi-arid areas. Various rangelands and pastures recommendations in Tanzania were made basing on studies conducted in Malya. The research activities were coordinated from the Central Breeding Station at Mpwapwa as the Headquarter (now Tanzania Livestock Research Institute (TALIRI).

In 1994 the livestock Research Centre offices shifted to Agricultural Research Institute(ARI), Ukiriguru as the head quarter for the research activities which were coordinated in the zones (Lake) under the Ministry of Agriculture. Since 2005 the centre shifted to Livestock Research Centre (LRC)- Mabuki under the Ministry of Livestock Development.

The zonal livestock research mandate area covers six regions including Mwanza, Kagera, Shinyanga, Mara, Geita, Simiyu and part of Tabora. The zone carries the major livestock population in the country (over 70%).


The current main Research areas

The centre is conducting Livestock research mainly:

  1. On cattle (both indigenous and improved for beef, dairying and or draft power);
  2. Pastures and forages development, management and utilization through production and bulking of seeding material;
  3. research on small ruminants (sheep and goats) management and feeding;
  4.  Improvement of production and marketing of Indigenous chicken (Value chain approach) and
  5. Improvement of pig productivity through breeding and improved Management.

Due to geographical potential of the Centre, the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development (MLFD) has committed and equipping the Institute to be the lead centre for Beef Research and Development activities.