Tanzania Livestock Research Institute (TALIRI) Tanga is one of the Research Institutes under TALIRI. It is situated 50S390E at an altitude of 6 metres above sea level, about 6 km inland from the Indian Ocean. Historically, the local people up to the Second World War inhabited the area when an air fleet army made its base. After the World War II the institute became a commercial dairy farm, but in 1950 it was changed to Livestock Experimental Station. In 1969 the station was named as Research Institute where cattle upgrading programme was introduced in which purebred Boran and crosses with less than 25% Bos taurus blood were bred to Sahiwal. From 1973 the centre has gone through different transformations, but from July 2012, the Livestock Research Centre became TALIRI-Tanga.


The mandate of the institute is to carry out livestock research especially improvement of dairy cattle productivity in the sub-humid zone along the coastal belt in the Eastern Zone which includes Tanga, Pwani, Dar es Salaam and Morogoro regions.  The researchable areas include among others evaluation of breeds and types of livestock, feeds and feeding systems, introduction and evaluation of pastures and forages that would result into increased production and productivity of livestock in the Zone. The institute is among the implementing institutions in Tanzania of the Eastern Africa Agricultural Productivity Project-Dairy component which is being implemented in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia. The institute also collaborates with national and international institutes in executing research projects and some of the approaches include innovation platforms, value chain analysis and business hubs to bring stakeholders on board and get involved in the planning and implementation of the research activities. During the reporting period OC funds were received from Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development for station upkeep. This report therefore includes activities under donor funded projects and GOT that are being carried out on-farm and on-station.