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  • Account: AFIC

    • AFIC

      Agri-Inputs and Farmer?s Information Centre ? AFIC - Inforamation about the organisation


    • Agric Livelihood

      Aspects of Agricultural Livelihoods management including establishment of; 1. Establishment of Community Access Roads 2. Construction of Spring Wells 3. Establishment of Woodlots 4. Contruction of Cattle Crushes

    • Refugees Environment

      Refugees Environmental Management; Sanitation Tree Planting and Nutrition

    • Train and Inform

      Sharing Knowledge and experiences on training Methododolgies with collaborating organisations; and collection of information needs and dissemination.

  • Account: CLEAR-U


      Information, evidence based research, advocacy for agricultural budget increases, Disaster Management and Response, women and land right

  • Account: CSRL-VEDCO

    • Access to Safe Water

      VEDCO/CSRL and its partners and the local communities in Kamuli have collaborated to raise funds to drill boreholes that can provide safe domestic water.

    • Food Security

      Assisting farmers achieve food security through nutrition education and the introduction and testing of better farming techniques.

    • Livelihood Framework

      Our principles are guided by the Sustainable Livelihoods Framework that facilitates us in exploring and understanding the the main factors that affect poor people's livelihoods and relationships between these factors. It also guides us in planning new development activities and in assessing the contribution that existing activities have made to sustaining rural livelihoods in Kamuli District.

    • Livestock Production

      Provide food security and financial stability by raising livestock such as Pigs, dairy goats, chicken

    • Marketing

      Assist farmers to form market associations, conduct market chain analysis and create market information boards

    • Partnership

      CSRL-VEDCO engages strategic partners to promote and support practical actions for improving and sustaining rural livelihoods in Kamuli District.

    • Training

      CSRL-VEDCO tilizes a Farmer-to-Farmer training approach that is highly participatory and farmer group oriented. Most farm households belong to one or more groups formed for farming, marketing, or other purposes

  • Account: facode

    • facode

      Not for profit community development work, Human Rights work, HIV/AIDS prevention work

  • Account: Africa


      ERAILS equips women and men in the use and application of ICTs. Twenty two participants, who come from various organizations have participated in a two days learning workshop with the aim of sharing information using the ERAILS information portal


      Why women should not be sidelined when it comes to jobs


      The workshop plan is aimed at providing information on how a workshop can be successfully planned

  • Account: IPTAGulu


      In 2008 we started implementation of the AfDB/FARA supported project ?Dissemination of New Agricultural Technologies in Africa? (DONATA) for Orange-fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP) in northern Uganda. The Implementation approach is based on the concept of Innovations Platform for Technology Adoption (IPTA), a multi-stakeholder arrangement contributing to the promotion, uptake and practice of OFSP technologies. While many organizations endorse the principle of partnerships for technology dissemination, a lot remains unclear with respect to its practical implementation in the IPTA approach. Here, we describe how the IPTA concept has been applied in implementation of the DONATA OFSP project in northern Uganda.

  • Account: KMSS

    • Aisha Preparatory

      School information and its works pertaining agriculture.

    • Kasese Muslim School

      Kasese Muslim Education Centre (KAMEC) KAMEC is a community based organisation duly registered with Kasese District Development Network (KADDE-NET). Among the objectives of KAMEC is to establish education institutions and to promote quality education and provide affordable quality all round education in order to produce balanced morally up right and innovative hard working citizens.

  • Account: REN

    • Contact

      REN contact information

    • News and Events

      Current news and upcoming events

    • Projects

      Information about the different REN projects and activities

    • Publications

      Reports and Newsletters

    • QAS 2009

      Identifying Information Needs of Farmers and Responding to them appropriately: the Question and Answer Service (QAS) Voucher System (VS) in Uganda

    • Who we Are

      Information about The Rural Empowerment Network (REN)

  • Account: URDT Kagadi Kibaale

    • Food Security

      Communities acquire knowledge and skills in sustainable production of food crops and livestock as well ensuring environmment protection and conservation of the ecosystem