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  • Facilitating the widespread adoption of conservation agriculture (CA) in maize-based systems in Eastern and Southern Africa

    Major Research Domain: conservation agriculture, maize based systems, conservation tillage, zero tillage, direct seeding Goal: To improve livelihoods and food security for smallholder farmers in ESA through accelerated and widespread adoption of CA practices.

  • Post harvest innovations: enhancing performance at the interface of supply and utilisation

    Objectives: New knowledge is generated and promoted into how national innovation systems can be mobilised to sustain uptake and adoption of CPH knowledge for the benefit of the poor. Background: Household food security remains precarious for large numbers of people in the rural areas of Tanzania and Zimbabwe, and food production levels show little or no increase. Post harvest service provision and supporting research initiatives have focussed on the development of technologies with little attention being paid to distinguishing between the needs and priorities of different households or to understanding delivery system constraints. The project will identify constraints and opportunities at the supply-utilisation interface associated with 'responsiveness' and 'demand' respectively. The resulting practical insights and policy recommendations for in-country post-harvest knowledge management will expressly facilitate a more equitable or 'inclusive' approach to addressing rural poverty.

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